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6/01/2020 by Kathy Peters – 

I am 68 years old and had elective facial surgery recently at Facial Surgery Institute. I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Kuhn and his team. They were all so professional and kind. Dr. Kuhn was completely attentive and very detailed, and made me feel comfortable from start to finish. He and his team took as much time as I needed to feel comfortable and then excited about my procedure. I am ecstatic about my outcome already and I still have some healing to do! I would highly recommend Facial Surgery Institute, Dr. Kuhn and his team, for any facial treatments or surgery you are contemplating, I could not be happier!  

5/26/2020 by Kai Meacham

The doctor and nurses were absolutely fantastic! I had an amazing experience and the surgery went extremely well. I had no complications and had minimal pain after surgery!

5/21/2020 by Susan – 

I highly recommend Dr. Kuhn and his staff. I was always the person that was never having cosmetic surgery. I started catching glimpes of myself in mirrors and every morning absolutely hating the bags under my eyes. I decided to discuss my options with Dr. Kuhn. He was very kind, professional and patient during my consultation. I finished my consultation feeling very informed and understanding of reasonable expectations. The entire staff enviroment was very welcoming, from the time on phone making my appointment, walking through the door for my consult to the nursing staff’s knowledge and compassion. I had a forehead lift and upper and lower eyelid surgery. My home instructions were given in detail and following these instructions my recovery was a breeze and basically pain free. There was discomfort as my forehead being numb felt weird, healing itched but none of this was painful. I do admit when forehead staples and eyelid stitches were removed i generated a few swear words, but thats to be expected. I am thrilled with my results. I still look like me but only more refreshed and not tired looking. I highly recommend Dr. Kuhn and his staff if you are thinking of facial cosmetic surgery. I will definitely use him for my future cosmetic desires. Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr. Kuhn and the entire Facial Surgery Staff. 

5/20/2020 by KV – 

My experience at Facial Surgery Institute was as good as it gets. The staff and physician were very compassionate and professional. My cosmetic surgery results were amazing! I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in facial cosmetic surgery!!

5/02/2020 by Chad Czerwinski –

Dr. Bruce Kuhn changed my life with the smile I have now😁

When I first came in, I looked down at the floor & was introverted & depressed cause my teeth. Plus used a beard to cover it also.

The process was explained out in detail along the way & I had to learn to trust the staff by their wisdom & experience. The staff made worries go away with their incredible “chair side” comfort with conversation during the process & the best follow up calls showing sincere concern about comfort.

Bruce thank you for changing my life!! I value our friendship we created through the process & I would love to share my story in way to help others; as you helped me.

Thank you Facial Surgery Institute & your local business partners that were all involved in the process, you changed my life!!!

10/6/17 – Marie – Omaha, Ne. –

I went to Dr. Kuhn for an extraction and an implant. I was very hesitant at first because I had never had an implant or an extraction of a permanent tooth with the exception of my wisdom teeth as a teenager. Dr. Kuhn and his staff put me at ease, explained everything in great detail making sure I understood the process (which can be long from extraction to implant crown) I knew going into this, what to expect with their instruction and I am now happy to say I have an implant crown and went thru the process without a hitch!! Thank you Dr. Kuhn for your expertise and professional and kind staff, I will recommend you to all of my friends for sure!!

8/4/16 – Kay V. in Blair, Nebraska –

The care I received at Dr. Kuhn’s office was professional, compassionate, and very efficient. It took me 90 minutes to get THREE implants and that’s from when I walked in the office until I walked out. I have a friend that went to a different oral surgeon and it took her 3 hours to get ONE implant! The instructions I got regarding recovery and home care were very thorough and easy to understand. The staff work really well together, it’s obvious they work as a team. Dr. Kuhn was very friendly and and had a great bedside manner. I will highly recommend this office and physician to my friends and family.

5/12/16 –

Thank you Dr. Kuhn, I can breathe again! Thanks so much for helping with my nose issues. Your staff were all great and your bedside manner is awesome as well. I had a great experience!

1/12/16 –

My journey began when I had all my upper teeth extracted, which was performed painlessly by Dr. Kuhn. He informed me of my options and the steps it would take for a procedure with implants/denture. While I healed, I had a temp. denture for 4 months. I soon realized I was not a good candidate for a denture (for many reasons) and could only tolerate wearing for a short time. Dr. Kuhn and his helpful staff completely understood my concerns, fears, anxiety and depression. They made it tolerable, affordable and painless, plus taking care of every detail and coordinating with my dentist. I am thrilled with the results, which feels like my own natural teeth. I could at last, eat, sleep, smile and socialize again! No words can express the gratitude my family and I have for Dr. Kuhn and his staff. It was all about quality of life…which they gave back to me. Plus a beautiful smile! Thank you again.

11/25/15 –

I had a full face laser done and absolutely loved the results! I would do it again in a heartbeat! Everything was explained from top to bottom and I knew exactly what to expect! Dr. Kuhn and staff were fabulous! No pain and love my skin!

11/23/15 by Andy –

Brilliant Oral Surgeon. Dr. Kuhn extracted the wisdom teeth from both my teenage boys, with excellent results. When I cracked a bicuspid down to the root, my dentist recommended an implant (rather than a bridge) and referred me to Dr. Kuhn. The extraction/implant process takes nearly half a year (to allow the implanted post to seat/grow into place), bit it was smoothly and sensitively handled by Dr. Kuhn, who patiently explained the whole process to me, time required, risk points. He’s a prince of an oral surgeon and a gentleman: just observe the kind and soft manner he has when talking to and working with his nursing staff. Visits and treatments ran exactly as he described. I am very satisfied with the treatment and the outcome. I don’t think you’ll find a better oral surgeon in Omaha.

9/17/15 by JoAnne –

I was interested in having a cosmetic procedure done. I work in the medical field, therefore I am very particular in who I choose to treat me. I spent quite a bit of time researching many cosmetic doctors in the Omaha metro area. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Kuhn and was not disappointed! When I arrived, I was greeted with a warm, welcoming smile from the receptionist. I met with Dr. Kuhn for my consultation. He is very kind, compassionate, and took his time with me explaining the procedure that I was interested in. I was really impressed how engaged he was during my consultation. I did not feel like I was being rushed through a typical medical office. Dr. Kuhn performed my procedure & I am extremely happy!! He is a very talented surgeon. I have so much confidence in Dr. Kuhn. His staff is very friendly and were very careful to keep my procedure confidential. I will continue to see Dr. Kuhn for future procedures. I highly recommend Dr. Kuhn.


I am absolutely thrilled with Dr. Kuhn and his staff! My daughter had surgery and we are very pleased with the outcome! Dr. Kuhn called to check on her the evening after the surgery and also the
staff took time out the next morning to make sure she was ok. Great care and personal attention are very important to me and we were not disappointed! Thank you Dr. Kuhn!!! I highly recommend Dr. Kuhn!!!

4/27/15- Dr. Kuhn did a face lift for me. He was very thorough and explained the procedure, recovery, and realistic expectations. Dr. Kuhn took very good care of me and answered all of my questions. I have referred 3 of my friends and they have been very pleased as well!


The Best! My husband had to have a wisdom tooth removed and he has a lot of anxiety when going to any dentist. Dr. Kuhn is so compassionate and understanding. He discussed the procedure with him beforehand and made sure he understood everything that was going to take place. His staff was excellent and so friendly, too. An overall wonderful experience. Can’t say enough good things.

11/6/13 by Shannon- Parker, CO-

Dr. Kuhn, an amazing man and surgeon. I have had 2 surgeries with him and was more than happy with the results. Glad to see he is still practicing in the Omaha, Nebraska area.

12/23/10 by Lisa/ Laser Skin Resurfacing-

I love the results, it’s amazing and have had an excellent experience with Dr. Kuhn and his terrific staff.

8/18/10 by Diane F. –

He is wonderful!! I had dental implants over 5 years ago and one broke. He worked me into his schedule and stayed late so he could finish the repairs. I am a teacher and he knew I was starting school in a few days. This is the best part, he charged me NOTHING. I fully expected to pay, but he said No Charge. Great staff and Great Care!!