After Eyelid Surgery

Intense eye pain, bulging of the eye or loss of vision should be reported to your doctor immediately. Delay may result in loss of vision, which may be permanent. These signs are evidence of bleeding behind the eye. Untreated within 3 hours may result in permanent blindness. Immediate treatment is imperative so do not wait to call your Doctor.

Sleep on your back or side, with head elevated.

Blepharoplasty usually causes mild post-operative pain. It is normal for the eye to be irritated and tender with some blurred vision. If you notice sharp or persistent pain, notify our office immediately.

Cold compresses (ice cold wash cloths) may be used over your eyes if you wish. Compresses are not necessary, however, they are comforting and may decrease swelling.

Use the pain medications and drops as directed.

Use artificial tears, as needed, if your eyes are irritated or burn. Occasionally the eyes may not completely close. Eye drops and Lacrilube ointment should be used to keep the eyes moist until the lid completely closes.

Do not use contact lenses for at least two weeks. Pulling on the eyelids while inserting or removing lenses may interfere with precise incision healing. Glasses may be used at any time.

Do not use mascara, eyeliner, or eye shadow until approved by us (usually 5-7 days).Minimal make-up applied to any bruising of the lower lid is acceptable at any time, but do not pull on the lids or incisions.

Any apparent redness of the whites of the eyeball is only a form of bruising, and will subside during the early healing process (1-3 weeks).

Do not engage in vigorous exercise or sports for at least 2 weeks, or until approved by us.

Stitches are normally removed 5 to 7 days after surgery. We will advise you accordingly.

It is not abnormal to feel some itching, burning and tightness of the eyelids during the early healing period.

The incision line may be cleaned with 3% hydrogen peroxide as needed.

Patients may shower 24 hours after surgery and immerse incisions in water.

Eyelid Surgery Supplies

1 bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide 1 package of 4 x 4 gauze pads 1 package of Q-tips (20) 1 tube of Lacrilube ointment 1 bottle of Natural Tears

Please have these supplies available prior to your operation. You will need them in the immediate post-operative period.

Please contact your oral surgeon’s office if you have any additional questions call our office at Bruce S. Kuhn M.D., D.D.S. Office Phone Number 402-330-8460.