After Nasal Surgery

General Post-Operative Instructions

Report to the office immediately:

  • Any excessive pain
  • Any rise in temperature over 100 degrees
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Any injury to your nose

Take medication as directed.

Change gauze dressing beneath nose as needed to catch drainage.

No alcoholic beverages for 3 days after surgery.

Ice compresses on the eyes will reduce swelling and soothe the eyes.  Crushed ice may be placed in a small zip-lock bag, which can be obtained in most grocery stores. Use for 24 hours after surgery.

Avoid striking or bumping nose for 6 weeks after surgery.

Sleep on back with head elevated on two pillows until all dressings are removed.

Take it easy for the first week. Mild exercise may be resumed after one week. No strenuous activities that may result in trauma to the nose for 6 weeks.

You may shower and shampoo your hair providing all dressing are kept dry.

Wash face carefully with a mild soap.

Contact lenses may be worn as soon as they are comfortable.  Glasses may be worn over the nasal splint but after it is removed, glasses should not rest on the nose for six weeks. Place tape around bridge of the glasses and stick to forehead to avoid pressure on the nose.

A normal diet may be resumed after surgery.

Nostrils may be cleaned around the outside only with applicators and hydrogen peroxide. Do not attempt to remove hardened crusts from within the nostrils. Use a bland ointment to lubricate the nostrils. Nose will be stuffy for about three weeks. No swimming for one month after surgery.

Make arrangement for someone to bring you to the office the day after surgery.

The office will be calling you the night after your surgery.

Please contact your oral surgeon’s office if you have any additional questions call our office at Bruce S. Kuhn M.D., D.D.S. Office Phone Number 402-330-8460.