Before Surgery

Two Weeks Before Surgery

Do not take any drugs, except those allowed by your doctor, dietary supplements, or herbs for two weeks prior to surgery and one week after surgery. The attached list of drugs and herbs either contain aspirin and/or have undesirable side effects that may affect your surgery (abnormal bleeding and bruising). You may take Tylenol as a substitute for discomfort.

No smoking prior to surgery.

Arrange for accommodations if you live outside the Omaha area.

Be aware that someone must stay with you during the first 24 hours following surgery. Arrange for someone to bring you the day of your surgery and take you home that day. Arrange for child care, if needed.

One Week Before Surgery

Pre-surgical appointment, sign consents, make financial arrangements.

Have hair coloring or perms done at least one week before surgery.

Pick up your postoperative prescriptions that Dr. Kuhn will provide you with.

24 Hours Before Surgery

Do not eat or drink anything after 12 midnight.

Do not take any medications unless cleared by our office.

The Day of Surgery

Wash your face well, brush your teeth, and do not wear any eye or facial make-up or contacts. Wear your prescription glasses, if needed.

Wear comfortable clothing with a shirt that buttons or zips up the front and comfortable shoes.

Leave all valuables at home, including jewelry and handbags, as we cannot be responsible for them.

The person caring for you will be instructed in your post surgical care prior to discharge.

Please contact your oral surgeon’s office if you have any additional questions call our office at Bruce S. Kuhn M.D., D.D.S. Office Phone Number 402-330-8460.